Streamline payment processing, shorten settlement times and reduce costs associated with costly paper checks with our online ACH services.

  • ACH Initiation - Gives you the ability to import files from your in-house system to an ACH database, or you can directly enter the information in our ACH module. Cash Management Online will automatically configure the payment data into the required NACHA format. You can also set up one-time or recurring ACH payments to pay vendors, make Tax and Child Care payments, and more.
  • Direct Deposit for Payroll – Save time and effort in your payroll process by eliminating paper payroll checks. Direct deposit can also be used for payments of interest, annuities, pensions and dividends. You control payments, decrease processing efforts, simplify reconciliation and eliminate stop payments, lost check and reissues.
  • Pre-Authorized Payments – Improve your receivables by directly debiting your customer's accounts.

Wire Transfers

Washington County Bank provides you with wide range of wire transfers options to move money immediately, including International US Dollar and foreign currency wires.

  • Wire Transfers are a fast and flexible way to move funds

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to safely and securely make deposits without having to leave your office, improving your cash flow and efficiency.

  • Make Bookkeeping Easier – Deposit information can be exported to common accounting programs like QuickBooks®, reducing data re-entry and mistakes
  • Take advantage of later deposit deadlines to improve your cash flow
  • Eliminate courier costs and transportation delays
  • Detect duplicate and fraudulent checks to avoid returned items and financial losses
  • Extensive research and reporting features

Positive Pay

Protect your account from unauthorized transactions and simplify your monthly reconciliation with Positive Pay. On a daily basis, an electronic report of issued checks is matched to the cleared transactions on your account. An exception report is then generated and is available to you electronically. Make decisions to return or pay items - it's that easy.

  • Fraud prevention: Authorized users can review Exception items and return them to the bank of first deposit within the 24 hour requirement for commercial items return. If fraudulent items are presented, you will know the next morning and the items will be returned.
  • Ease of account reconciliation: You will know which items were paid and for how much.