Classic Savings

Offers a good range of benefits and competitive rates.

  • Must deposit $25.00 to open account
  • Minimum daily balance of $25.00 or a $3.00 monthly maintenance fee
  • Up to six withdrawals allowed per month. A $1.00 fee for each additional withdrawal
  • Rates subject to change

Ultimate Money Market Savings Account

Offers a liquid account that earns competitive interest rates.

  • Must deposit $1,000.00 to open
  • Limited to 6 withdrawals per month
  • Rates subject to change

W.C. Bee Smart Savers Kids' Club Account

This is our Classic Savings Account with special added features for children from birth through age 14.

  • Free t-shirt upon opening account.
  • Additional benefits include activities or events, savings incentives
  • Our mascot, W.C. Bee will appear at various Kids' Club and community events